Disc Golf Tournament this Saturday

QuarryDiscGolf_LogoTownThis Saturday, May 28 from about 8AM to 6PM, there will be a Green Mtn Disc Golf Tournament at The Quarries course. We expect approx. 75 players from around New England and Canada, bringing some of the top regional players to our area. The 44 Brook St lot will be pretty full due to this; please consider alternate parking areas to access the trails on this day. Also, keep a heads up if you are riding on bike trails around the course – we kindly ask that bikers yield to disc golf players as they’ll have morning and afternoon rounds in process. This is a VT and New England points series event, spectators are encouraged, but The Quarries Disc Golf would like to keep the course area clear of hindrances that might impede play. We appreciate your cooperation and consideration!

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